Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Latest Release

The Press Publisher Online Magazine Publishing System has taken a major step forward in its evolution. With the users on the system giving us ongoing feedback, we have taken these recommendations and incorporated many of these new features to make a more robust and versatile magazine publishing system.

A few of the latest additions to the system truly make the system a one-of-a-kind publishing system to meet the needs of more than just magazine publishers. Here are the significant upgrades:
  1. RSS & Atom - RSS and Atom feeds are provided by the current issue, past issues, departments, and even articles. This feature provides the user the ability to hone in on the specific topics that interest them.
  2. Podcasts - A fully integrated podcast system has been added to the Article Level with a podcast RSS Feed for the overall site. A podcast associated with an article can be listed to via a flash integrated panel for listening right within the site. A secondary program is not needed.
  3. Archives by article type - Complete archives that are not issue dependent are now available for Cover Stories, Featured Articles, Departments and Podcasts.
  4. Department Adjustments - A nice featured for department pages is when a single article is placed in a department, the full article shows, rather than a list of a single article.
  5. A newly designed, more user friendly CMS - The new CMS (Content Management System) for managing your magazine has been added. The system is easier than ever for a novice user.
  6. A new WYSIWYG editor - A greatly enhanced editor for customizing your copy has been added. This incorporated a Media Upload Manager for uploading Flash, PDF, Word, Video and Audio files.
These new features truly make it a versatile and powerful system for any magazine or podcasting website.

To view a new demonstration of the site, visit: